Our leadership and productivity programmes deal with resource constraints and curriculum outcomes as well as return-on-investment among educational institutions. We focus on the essential leadership, prudential and entrepreneurial skills expected of the stakeholders, from the proprietors through the administrative and teaching staff to parents and students, with particular reference to (1) curriculum design and innovation (2) revenue generation (3) allocation of human and material resources (5) financial management and accountability (6) asset maintenance and (7) technology and teaching aids.

We have programmes for proprietors, principals, departmental heads, teachers, parents, head boys/girls and captains – as far as necessary down the hierachy – to bring about a visible acceleration in curriculum outcomes and in return to investment, both in the public and the private sectors and at both the micro and the macro levels of measurement. Specifications of the programmes may differ between schools.

The optimization of teachers output, for example, would involve (1) a review of job description and specification (2) target setting (3) periodic measurement and evaluation of outcomes relative to set targets (4) regular review and retraining in teaching methods and curriculum innovation and (5) competitive remuneration. It is to be noted that most teachers would be contented with modest pay (provided it is regular) and that their greatest need is equipment and an environment of mutual respect.